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Americanz Muscles Professional Lean Mass gainer that contains all the natural ingredients you need to build a solid and healthy body. It’s made with premium-grade ingredients and is designed to help you reach your goals faster.

Americanz Muscles uses only the highest quality ingredients in its formula, which are all sourced from Canada. The result? A product that’s been tested thoroughly to ensure it’s free of any harmful chemicals or additives that could potentially harm your health.

Each serving of this whey protein powder comes with 24g of proteins, 492 Calories, 3g of Creatine, 15g BCAA, and 72g of carbs.

This gives you sustained nutrition for maximum gains.

It contains a potent blend of three proteins in equal ratios to ensure you are getting appropriate fast, medium, and slow-digesting protein sources.

Each source in an appropriate ratio helps ensure steady-state amino acid absorption over a longer time than single-source proteins, making it ideal for any time of the day, in meal replacements, etc.

Americanz Muscles Lean Professional Mass Gainer 6 Lbs( 2.7kg)

₹4,599.00 Regular Price
₹2,799.00Sale Price
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